How its work?

Process flow
Go to the "Purchase" page then choose the service you want and click on "Pay now".
After paying and waiting the confirmation of the payment required! Click on "I have paid".

Then you will be redirected to a page where will be indicated your phone number phone messaging and a timer of 15 mins before the phone number expires.

The number is still active 15mins, so be fast.

Do you are selling multi-countries numbers?
We are selling for the moment only Russian numbers, in the future we have in project to sell many others countries.

Can I pay with others payments methods?
We are sorry but the unique payment method is cryptos currencies, we don't accept paypal or others payments methods.

Do you stock any informations?
No, please don't contact the support if you have lost any informations, if you lost your message or something else we are sorry but we can do nothing for you, we are stocking absoluty nothing for the anonimity of the service!

How we can contact you?
By using the contact form, or directly by joining the discord server.